by Silas Price

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is not my old fear coming back, you who touch me, if i cannot touch you, i cannot touch anything, you who are learning ahead of me, both a teacher and a classmate,
more and more i hate the idea of you, but love the presence of you, the darkest parts of me despise you, but this is why i follow you,
only when you disappear do i cry with more gums that can be bled,


speaking of network awareness, conceived with blurred behavioral therapy, though self-taught,
living in human to human, station to station, by city,
but i only see the treeline, and its shape against moon or fog, never not stars, and never polluted,
if i listen i hear no cars or planes,
and now i hear them all, i hear everything, i have to go so far into the woods,


dreams more than an illusion, becoming a delusion, there are no texts but set pieces, and dramatic arcs and act divisions, and characters with no motivation but for their own blindness' sake,
how i learned to be excited and freer than those who follow acid dreams to the bitter end, how a drug can become predictable and exotic simultaneous, however debauched the story goes the winners take on new complex forms,
those no-forms to take on,


i will write the scene, so someday, we can all be aware,
night school picturesque destroying natural jail cells, drawn side facing windows discovering, only-colour now, only-colour no-shock no-shape,
on the seventeen-mile panorama, when how the world could be so large, and its windows a hand through,
only then could i touch you back, the softest simplest time, where i must make up a self out of the loneliness, to garden to feed and become immune to all natural poisons,
inscribed there is understanding of one other world.


released October 21, 2016


This GUARANTEED HIGH FIDELITY recording is scientifically designed to play with the highest quality of reproduction on the phonograph of your choice, new or old. If you are the owner of a new stereophonic system this record will play with even more brilliant true-to-life fidelity. In short, you can purchase this record with no fear of its becoming obsolete in the future.

November-December 2015, August 2016
for C.



all rights reserved


Silas Price Lowell, Massachusetts

seeking truths via questionable means. variety guaranteed

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